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Off Air - 69 - is Innuendo

News With A "Z" - The Off Air Blog
Early in this week's episode I rant (good-naturedly, I think) about just
whatinthehell happened to the term "emo."

Before it became Hater Bait on the web - I remember emo equating to a strong expression of unrequited and refuted love
(if a sometimes predictable one).
Champaign-Urbana's Finest
I think of bands like Starmarket, Jets to Brazil, Deep Elm Records'
"The Emo Diaries" series & The Appleseed Cast's "Low Level Owl" records. 

High atop many a list is the band Braid. The short-lived Champaign, IL quartet garnered all kinds of praise for innovation.   

"Every lyric transmits Ernest Hemingway-like romanticism; every jagged chord or meter change serves its song perfectly." -Alternative Press

"I can understand people going out of their way to praise Braid. They took the aggressiveness of punk, pure pop melody and the kind of personal lyrics that by their nature strike a universal chord, and made it all into something special."-PopMatters

"…as a relic from the early days of a genre, it's a listening experience that's difficult to pass up…"
-All Music Guide
Call me nostalgic or even hung up on the futile nature of what constitutes "genre" but emo shouldn't be viewed as a group of sad sacks at the local Hot Topic. Rather, let's paint emo with the artistic brush so masterfully wielded by Braid. 
Check out the vinyl reissues while you can. I have it on good authority they're pert'near sold out!
Braid - 01 Braid - 02 Braid - 03 Braid - 04

Comedy Correspondent
Hoo BOY! Things are picking up for The Comedy Correspondent. Words is quickly making its way through the comic community and we're extra stoked about it! 

The launch of Comedy Correspondent [dot] Org might have something to do with it.
This week's installment is the IDEAL example of what CC is all about. 
Topical, Funny, For You. 

The headliner this week is the acerbic W. Kamau Bell. In addition to what you hear on this week's episode, here's a segment from his one man show: The W. Kamau Bell Curve - Curing Racism in About an Hour.

Questions Never to ask Black People (About Their Hair)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Play List

Dum Dum Girls: Rest of Our Lives - from I Will Be FindBUY
Braid: Lining Lake Michigan - from Frankie Welfare Boy Age 5 [Vinyl] FindBUY
Braid: Niagara - from Movie Music Vol. 1 [Vinyl] FindBUY
Braid: Katycat - from Movie Music Vol. 2 [Vinyl] FindBUY
Braid: Nineteen 75 - from The Age of Octeen [Vinyl] FindBUY
Free Energy: C'Mon Let's Dance - from B-Sides
Graham Elwood: Extreme Weather - from The Comedian's Got a Boo Boo FindBUY
Goldfrapp: Hunt - from Head First FindBUY
Tobacco: Fresh Hex - from Maniac Meat FindBUY
Keith Lowell Jensen, Nick Brunner: Comedy Correspondent - Week 02! - from Comedy Correspondent FindBUY
UNKLE: Natural Selection (featuring The Black Angels) - from Where Did the Night Fall FindBUY
Bonnie Prince Billy & the Cairo Gang: Go Folks, Go - from Wonder Show of the World FindBUY
Avi Buffalo: Coaxed - from Avi Buffalo FindBUY
Gary Wilson: And Then I Kissed Your Lips - from You Think You Really Know Me The Gary Wilson Story (DVD & CD) FindBUY
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