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Off Air - 73 - Off Air / In Studio - The Freebadge Serenaders

Irreverent Jug Jazz

While the actual timeline of The Freebadge Serenaders may be hazy it's safe to say both Greg Sabin and Patrick Skiffington are passionate about jazz.  If you haven't already, click the LISTEN link, you're in for:

- Three great songs emulating the sound of Depression Era Jazz

- The challenge of marketing that sound today

- The joys of banjo

- Patrick waxing philosophical about the washboard

...and all three of us spending an inordinate amount of time talking about Keith Lowell Jensen.

Freebadge & Chickens by Kiny McCarrick  Greg Sabin by Kiny McCarrick  Patrick Skiffington by Kiny McCarrick

Greg Sabin:  Banjo, Kazoo, Vocals
Patrick Skiffington: Washboard, Kazoo, Slide Whistle, Vocals

For more great shots of the band visit Kiny McCarrick's website

Apologies to Ms. McCarrick as I mispronounced BOTH her first & last name mid-interview! 

It was due to nerves … and Keith Lowell Jensen.

Broken Social Scene

Forgiveness Rock Record - Cover
The other half of this week's episode focuses primarily on the new BSS album Forgiveness Rock Record.
I've listened to it straight through about three times now and keep discovering more layers with every listen. 

There was less collaboration on this album and saw the band focused around its core members:

Kevin Drew & Charles Spearin with Andrew Whiteman, Brendan Canning, Justin Peroff & Sam Goldberg.


180 degree transitions are more prominent, specifically from the frantic second track "Chase Scene" directly into the Wilco-Channeling "Texaco Bitches." This may be due to what Pitchfork Media describes as 
For whatever line up shifts there have been - there's nothing stripped down about Forgiveness Rock Record. If you haven't decided whether to pick this one up, for what it's worth, I say go for it. It's just as full and rich as anything in the band's history.

Plus they absolutely killed it on Letterman . . .

"Forced To Love" - On The Late Show


For more BSS - have a look at when Off Air caught up with the band at last summer's Wanderlust Festival

   Andrew Whiteman & Charles Spearin                      Broken Social Scene Live 
                                                                                                                                                          I take any excuse I can get to drag this one out.
Thursday, May 20, 2010

Play List

The Freebadge Serenaders: T.N.T. & Philosophy - from Off Air / In Studio - The Freebadge Serenaders
The Freebadge Serenaders: Discount Jazz - from Off Air / In Studio - The Freebadge Serenaders
The Freebadge Serenaders: KLJ, Kids v. Old Folks, Kiny's Photos - from Off Air / In Studio - The Freebadge Serenaders
The Freebadge Serenaders: Cigarette Stew - from Off Air / In Studio - The Freebadge Serenaders
The Freebadge Serenaders: A Little Personal History, KLJ (again), Parting Words of Advice - from Off Air / In Studio - The Freebadge Serenaders
The Freebadge Serenaders: Sacramento - from Off Air / In Studio - The Freebadge Serenaders
Broken Social Scene: Art House Director - from Forgiveness Rock Record FindBUY
Broken Social Scene: Highway Slipper Jam - from Forgiveness Rock Record FindBUY
Broken Social Scene: Ungrateful Little Father - from Forgiveness Rock Record FindBUY
Broken Social Scene: Meet Me In The Basement - from Forgiveness Rock Record FindBUY
Minus the Bear: My Time - from Omni [ MP3s +Digital Booklet] FindBUY
Solex, Christina Martinez & Jon Spencer: Racer X - from Amsterdam Throwdown, King Street Showdown! FindBUY
LCD Soundsystem: Somebody's Calling Me - from This Is Happening FindBUY
Crystal Castles: Celestica - from Crystal Castles ( II ) FindBUY
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