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Think Big: New Arena Helps Pay For Itself

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(West Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 28, 2011

Think Big says the city could see as much as 7 million dollars a year in increased revenue from billboards, cell phone towers, and parking spaces if an arena were built.  That money could be used annually to help pay off any bonds.  Former Sacramento City Treasurer, Tom Friery says a new arena would also spark the real estate market and raise property tax revenues. 


FRIERY: "Within the city itself, in the area surrounding the Railyards there, that property's going to increase in value right away.  That'll be opportunities for them to have a whole new revenue source.  We can look for increased taxes… increased values in the business district itself."

 Think Big says the city could raise about fifteen percent of the arena's cost by selling forty properties.  The group wants to find as much money to fund construction now… to minimize the need for bonds and interest payments later.  When money is borrowed, the interest increases the project cost.

The cost of a new sports and entertainment complex has been pegged at $387 million dollars...if it were all paid for during construction. 

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