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Insight: Pension Reform Initiative / Infertility Study / Singing Saxtress

Pension Reform Initiatives All the talk of pension reform isn't going far after the passage of the budget but some groups are still determined to put a measure on the 2012 ballot. We'll talk about it with people on both sides of the issue:  Former California Assemblyman Roger Niello, R-5th District, authored the "Public Employee Pension Reform Act."  Dan Pellissier is the President of California Pension Reform.  He's promising to get a pension reform initiative on the 2012 ballot.  Dave Low is the executive director for the California School Employees Association (CSEA).  He's against the current forms of pension reform.      

Infertility Study Research shows that infertility in 70 percent of men cannot be explained by sperm count or quality.  A new study by UC Davis scientists has found that infertility may be linked to the loss of a protein that helps sperm keep a low profile and avoid being eliminated by a woman's immune system. The study found that many men have a defective gene for that protein.  We'll speak with Ted Tollner, adjunct assistant professor in the UC Davis Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and first author of the sperm study.  Click here to read the study and watch a video.

Singing Saxstress Ava Lemert is known as the Singing Saxstress because of her unique split role as a vocalist and as an equally capable saxophonist. Some have likened her to a saxophone-playing Teena Marie, or a female Junior Walker -the singing sax-playing star from the late 60's - 70's Motown sound.  Ava will perform in our studio.  You can catch her in Amador Wine Country this Saturday. 

Monday, August 1, 2011
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