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Insight: Occupy California's Ports / Return of the Chinook / Health Beat / Skyscrapers and Earthquakes

Occupy California's Ports Occupy protestors are planning to shut down California's ports on Monday, December 12 to "disrupt the profits of the 1%."  We'll speak with an occupy protester at the port of Oakland and Michael Shaw, from the California Trucking Association, who says the protests will harm middle-class workers in the shipping industry, not the "1%."
Health Beat Capital Public Radio's health reporter Pauline Bartolone talks about the stories she's following.
Return of the Chinook Decades of altering the Sacramento region's waterways nearly wiped out the area's Chinook salmon run.  Kevin Shaffer, a Department of Fish and Game manager who works closely with the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, tells us how human intervention has brought the Chinoook salmon's numbers back.  Capital Public Radio's multi-media producer, Andrew Nixon, also joins the discussion to talk about a video he made of salmon spawning at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery this season.
Skyscrapers and Earthquakes UC Davis engineers will soon study how the steel columns that secure skyscrapers to their foundations stand up during earthquakes, possibly making the towering structures safer and cheaper to build. David Grilli, the lead doctoral student working on the project, joins us. 
Monday, December 12, 2011
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