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No Public Funding of Arena Initiative Filed With Sacramento City Clerk

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork, or STOP, filed the notice of intent with the clerk at 10 am.  An hour later, the only two council members to vote against moving forward with the arena -Kevin McCarty and Sandy Sheedy- hosted the group for a 45-minute meeting.  STOP members Delphine Cathcart and her husband Jim believe the other seven members of the council made a mistake.

CATHCART: The elected representatives of the people are supposed to reflect and respect and express the views of the constituencies.  We don't believe that…That doesn't always happen.  We feel that there's a disconnect here."

The actual language of the initiative reads, "The city shall provide no financial support for the development of an Entertainment and Sports Complex in the Downtown Railyards site without the approval of a majority of voters."

Mayor Kevin Johnson helped broker the deal among the City, the NBA, the Kings and arena operator AEG.  He also voted against a motion by Sheedy to put the deal before the voters.  

JOHNSON:  "I don't think it's gonna make it on the ballot.  I think the majority of people I've talked to support where we are today.  I don't think that's something that we're gonna have to deal with." 
The city clerk's office says STOP has until late May to get the 30,000 signatures needed to put the measure on the ballot. 
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