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Yuba City Serves Eviction Notices to Homeless

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yuba City's Parks and Recreation Department has distributed eviction notices to the homeless who live along a portion of the Feather River known as the "River Bottoms."  

The City plans to start construction on a new park on the site in mid-July.

Brad McIntire is the department's director.  He says the city provides grant money to non-profit efforts to help the homeless, but the people on the River Bottoms need to go.

MCINTIRE: "The City is not a social service. That's not our job.  That's the county's job.  But, we need to be part of the answer.  And, so that is… it is what it is."

Homeless Advocate Jim Leonard says the city council has helped create the problem by refusing to allow non-profits to open more shelters.

LEONARD: "The City has been reluctant to do that.  They're afraid if we build anymore shelters, we'll attract more homeless people.  I think they have the thing backwards.  Homeless people don't come to communities because of shelters.  Homeless people that are homeless in that community will go to their shelters."

The city estimates about 40 people live in the area.  Leonard says the number is closer to 150, but that many have already moved.

Police will deliver a second notice in three weeks.


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