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Workers Outside Take Precautions During Hot Days

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 13, 2012

Terry Hosendove is a foreman working on the Sutter Medical Center Sacramento expansion site.  He's carrying a big red industrial fan that has worn out in the heat.  Hosendove knows the feeling, "Air's hard to breathe.  It's hot.  The sun's all around you.  You got a take a break you know before you get heat stroke.  So, guys, they feel all that, they take a five, ten-minute break, shake it off, drink some water, get hydrated and come back."

Relief this day for the construction workers comes in the form of a bright pink truck carrying bottled water.  Jerry Andrijich has just pulled up to make his daily delivery, "It's so busy right now.  I can't keep the water on the truck.  Everone's calling me, 'We're out of water!  We're out of water!  I'm like Santa Claus every day."

In an air-conditioned waiting room across the street, Sutter Medical Dr. Eric Zacharias says people need to pay attention to how they're feeling when temperatures get this hot, "If you feel like you're overly flushed, you're red, you feel like your world is spinning.  Those are things to be concerned about."

When the temperature is expected to reach 85 degrees, the State of California requires outdoor job sites to provide extra breaks, cooling areas for employees, and training to avoid heat-related illness.  
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