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State Orders Raw Milk Products Off the Shelves Again

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, September 6, 2012

Inspectors with the California Department of Food and Agriculture found common bacteria called campylobacter in Organic Pastures brand raw cream.

Now milk and cream products with a date of September 13th are being recalled back to the Fresno County dairy.

Marcy Oliver from Organic Pastures says she's surprised - other milk from the same batch passed safety checks.

OLIVER: "We and CDFA are kind of scratching our heads about the situation but we're continuing to go on, we have a very strict safety plan that we go by."   

This is the third recall of Organic Pastures products since late last year.

Steve Lyle is from the CDFA.

LYLE: "With each incident we are trying to find the cause of the issue and working with the dairy to eliminate that cause and move forward, hopefully to a place where there won't be similar issues like this."

No illness has been reported from this week's recall.

Most people fully recover from campylobacter bacteria but the food borne illness could be fatal for people with compromised immune systems.


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