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Con Artists Posing As Lottery Officials Target Seniors

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 24, 2012

The Sacramento County District Attorney's Office recently heard from Leyne Milstein. Her 81-year-old father received a call from a "lottery official" recently. Milstein's dad then called her with what he thought was good news, 'He was very excited and all he needed to do was provide two, $500, green-dot money-pack cards."

That's a type of reloadable debit card, "He would give this person the number and they would use that to endorse the check and then he would be able to deposit a $2 million check into his bank account."

Of course, once a victim gives the caller the number to the cards, the caller takes the cash and the victim finds out the hard way there is no lottery prize.

It was obviously a scam, but Milstein's father is in his 80's now and didn't catch it. She did, "We were able to have my dad understand the fact that these folks were only after the serial numbers on the cards and there indeed no lottery winnings. We were able to talk it through. I know there are a lot of seniors who are isolated and don't have that opportunity."

The Sacramento District Attorney's office says you should never pay for a prize. That tip and more are on the fraud prevention page on the D.A.'s website.

Click here for a link to the D.A.'s consumer protection page.

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