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Labor Groups Rally At State Capitol

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 11, 2010
A few hundred people from labor groups rallied outside the state Capitol today (Thursday) calling on elected officials to do more to create jobs...
Crowd Chants: “Jobs Now! Jobs Now! Jobs Now! Thank you very much...crowd cheers (fades)
They want congress and state lawmakers to approve legislation that will lead to thousands of new jobs right away.
Art Pulaski (Pull-LASS-Key) is with the California AFL-CIO.  

He says the federal stimulus package is a good start, but Congress needs to allocate billions of dollars more to put people back to work...
Pulaski:  “This is about bringing manufacturing back, private sector jobs back, because we need a diverse economy here. It’s about understanding that infrastructure expands job opportunities and not just the one job for the worker on the road or the bridge...but it creates other jobs too...”
Pulaski says labor unions are still evaluating job program legislation recently unveiled by Governor Schwarzenegger as well as Democratic and Republican lawmakers. 

The governor says he’d like to merge all three proposals.   

To draw more attention to the issue,  labor groups are planning to march from Bakersfield to Sacramento next month.   (March 4th)
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