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Watch Your Mouth!

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 25, 2010
The profanity-free week was 16-year old McKay Hatch’s idea. The South Pasadena high school student started a no cussing club a few years ago and it really caught on. He now has 35-thousand members.

“This club is more than just cussing. It’s about teaching kids and adults the importance of using positive and uplifting language and empowering kids to not only combat bullying, but not to become bullies themselves.”

In fact, McKay says he’s actually received death threats and been harassed at school because of his efforts. As part of cuss free week he delivered jars to the Governor and all lawmakers. The idea is to put in some money every time you slip up and utter and expletive, then give the money to charity. Republican Assemblyman Cameron Smyth co-authored the resolution and asked lawmakers to take part:
 “I expect several of you will have your jars overflowing in the next couple of weeks.”

Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Portantino also authored the bill. He says he’s already put five dollars in his jar.   And he thinks fewer four letter words could actually help, albeit indirectly, with the budget crisis….

 “That’s why it’s important to recognize now, that spirit and civility and set the tone and the stage for the ongoing negotiations that are going to happen in the fiscal year and through this legislative cycle.”

But some lawmakers aren’t so enthusiastic; arguing out that a better use of time might be actually tackling the state’s budget crisis.  The Assembly resolution isn’t binding of course – it’s just a recommendation, but one that McKay Hatch is hoping people will give a darn about.
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