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Theatre Review: Becky's New Car

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 10, 2010
When Becky strolls on stage, she speaks directly to the audience. She tells us about her job at an auto dealership – her duties include cleaning -- and soon she’s handing brushes and toilet paper to people in the front row, asking for help. She also frets about her grownup son, who’s lingering in college, and living at home. And shazam, the son appears.

“What are you doing with your life! (“Huh?”) You’re a 26-year-old man. You are still shacked up with your parents…”

“Aw, can we please not go down"

“Chris, we love you to death, but…”

Everything changes when Becky meets an older gent who’s charming, generous, and filthy rich. He’s lonely -- his wife has died, and somehow he concludes that Becky is a widow, and therefore available.
So he invites her to a dinner party. And she is tempted – just for the meal, she insists – even though she’s married, to a working class guy with whom she is a bit bored.  
And here’s where the audience comes in. Becky drags three blushing volunteers on stage, and puts the question to a vote.

“Those of you who think that I should go to this party, please raise your hand." (Laughter). 

Naturally complications ensue. I won’t spoil the fun, but I can say that actress Elisabeth Nunziato is a treat to watch as Becky, trying to sample her dream and still keep up appearances back home. Veteran actor Dan Harlan is also delightful as the older gent . Think of “Becky’s New Car” as a romantic test drive by a woman who never expected to be looking for new wheels, only to realize that she’s got middle-aged baggage in the trunk. And if you buy a ticket, watch where you sit, because you could find yourself  joining Becky in a cameo role.
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