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Cell Phone Radiation Labeling Bill Advances

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 20, 2010
The bill by Democratic Senator Mark Leno was approved over the objections of cell phone manufacturers. It would require information about a phone’s radiation to be posted at the store, near the price. Leno says companies already have that information – known as the specific absorption rate, or SAR:

“We mandate that the manufacturer report the SAR to the federal government. Why would we not have an equal requirement that you share the same information with the consumer?”

Leno says there’s no proof cell phone radiation can cause cancer, but consumers have a right to the information. However, Dr. Howard Ory, a former Deputy Director of epidemiology at the Centers for Disease Control, says the bill could have opposite effect:
 “I believe in protecting and informing consumers. I’m genuinely concerned that this bill will lead to consumer being misinformed.”
CTIA, which represents the wireless industry, says the scientific evidence to date does not demonstrate any adverse health effects from the use of wireless phones. Leno agreed to amend the bill to say “radio frequency energy” instead of radiation, which some argued was a loaded term.
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