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County Park Rangers Slow to Respond on Busy Labor Day Weekend

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, September 3, 2010

Utley: "I'm gonna write you the citation and I am going to pour it out…"
Unidentified Woman: "Okay…"
Utley: "…because you know better, all right?"

Bringing alcohol to the American River Parkway is illegal, and Sacramento County's supervising ranger Kathleen Utley has caught someone.  Utley's been driving down the popular bike trail - one of only two rangers patrolling the entire Parkway at the time.

Utley: "You know you can't have the alcohol here…"
Unidentified Woman: "Okay."

Utley's staff is down sharply since the recession started - and she says keeping the peace on the Parkway this Labor Day weekend will be a major challenge.

Utley: "I will have eight rangers instead of 22, and I won't be able to station them.  They'll have to be more mobile and reactionary rather than proactive."

That means her staff won't be able to check as many ice chests for alcohol, which is illegal on the river on summer holiday weekends.  Rangers will also take longer to respond to calls - and some calls may go unanswered.

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