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Governor's Race: Campaigns Go Negative

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Brown campaign ads compare Whitman to Pinocchio…and use animation to illustrate their claim.

AUDIO FROM AD: "Wouldn't it be nice if every time Meg Whitman told a lie, her nose would grow?  Newspapers report the claims in this Meg Whitman ad are false, and she knows it. Taxes went down under Jerry Brown, but Whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions."

Jerry Brown says it's a reaction to negative ads that Whitman has been running about him:

"I think it's a very graphic reminder that Ms. Whitman is telling lies and it's a way of saying, 'don't believe what she says.'"

The Whitman ad uses footage of former President Bill Clinton from a 1992 Presidential primary debate with Brown.

AUDIO FROM AD: "He raised taxes as Governor of California.  He had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left.  He doesn't tell the people the truth."

Clinton's comments were based on a CNN story - and that reporter has since admitted that he made an error in the piece.   Over the weekend Brown made a joke about the scandal surrounding former President Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky - and questioned Clinton's honesty.  Brown apologized on Monday, and yesterday Clinton endorsed him for Governor.  Brown says it's all water under the bridge:

"I apologized, I called his office and within hours he was endorsing me.  I think it's all to the good."

AUDIO FROM DEMONSTRATION:  "Jerry Brown and the unions, 40 years of love."

Outside a Brown fundraiser in Sacramento, a group of about 20 demonstrators organized by the California GOP protested against Brown.  Crystal Feldman is with the state Republican party.  She says the Pinocchio ads say a lot about the Brown campaign:

"My first thought is it's telling that with a 40-year career he only has one week of ads saying good things about him and now he has to turn to negativity."

The Whitman campaign stands behind the ad and says the criticism is still valid.  With nearly two months to go until Election Day, we certainly haven't seen the last of the negative ads.

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