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Prop 23 Debate All About Jobs

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Under the current law, known as AB 32, California must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2020.  Prop 23 would put that law on hold - until the state's unemployment rate drops to five-and-a-half percent for at least a year.  Republican Assemblyman Dan Logue is one of the measure's top supporters.  He says California's overly harsh regulations like AB 32 are forcing businesses to leave the state.

Logue: "Do we want to heal our economy?  Or do we want to go down this road further and charge the people and drive their energy costs up to 60 percent more?"

But Tom Steyer, the co-chair of the No on 23 campaign, says the greenhouse gas law is actually good for the economy because it puts California at the forefront of the green tech movement.

Steyer: "This is the engine of job creation, of new industry creation, that is going to pull us out of this recession."

Polls suggest most voters aren't yet familiar with Prop 23 … but of those who are, more oppose it than support it.

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