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City Tries New Alarm System To Shoo Birds Away

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, December 13, 2010

Some parts of Downtown Sacramento can look like a scene out of Hitchcock's 1963 classic "The Birds" - with hundreds of crows peppering the sky.

"December is crow season. I don't know why but that's when we seem them."

Gina Knepp with the city's Department of General Services says all those crows leave a lot of waste on the sidewalks.

"When it rains and there's a lot of bird droppings, it gets very slippery."

Knepp says that's why department officials decided to spend $2,852 to install a new noise-making system on top of City Hall to scare the birds away. They system puts out amplified bird calls.

Knepp says it recreates the sound of crows in distress.

"It also puts out predator cries. So essential it creates what the birds perceive to be a danger zone and they fly away."

Knepp says the amount of bird droppings is now way down around City Hall. And with less need to pay for crews to power wash the sidewalks, Knepp says the system has already paid for itself. 


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