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Budget Stall Likely To Continue

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(Sacramento, CA)
Sunday, April 24, 2011

The stall is in stark contrast to the months of frenzied budget activity at the beginning of the year.   

"I think the truth is, nobody wants to be the one to deliver the news to the public that we're faced with an all-cuts budget."

Leo McElroy is a Sacramento-based Independent Political Consultant.  He says an all-cuts scenario is likely because Governor Jerry Brown has all but exhausted the possibilities for a deal with Republicans to put his tax extension on the ballot.  He says Brown's probably learned a lot over the past few months:

"I don't think he actually realized how hyper-partisan the legislature had become.  I think he believed that he could still do the old game of peeling off a few moderate republicans."

Governor Brown, Republicans and Democrats have all taken to the road to hold budget town hall meetings. McElroy says it's all about trying to deflect blame by beating up on the other side's ideas.  Governor Brown will release a revised budget proposal in mid-May, but McElroy believes lawmakers will stall well past that:

"I think we've got a good chance to go for an October surprise again.  I think there's every possibility of that."

Last year's October spending plan was the latest in state history.  

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