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Attempt to Ban Israeli Food at Co-op Fails

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, July 29, 2011

A group of co-op members has been protesting what they say are human rights violations by the Israeli government.  The group wanted the co-op to vote on a ban of products from Israel next month.  The board refused.  The group sued. 

Today, a Sacramento Superior Court judge refused to hear the case before the August 22nd election.

Steve Maviglio is president of the co-op's board.  He says the store's sole function is to promote healthy, organic produce and products.

MAVIGLIO: "If we had to ban everything from our store that somebody felt strongly about for political reasons, we wouldn't have a store. That's the problem with this whole thing. The co-ops were actually formed to get out of politics."

Co-op member Susan Bush says the by-laws allow for political votes.

BUSH: "The fact that we buy fair trade chocolate, that's a political decision.  When we had the argument over whether to add meat to our produce department, that was political.  We make political decisions in our food choices every day."

A similar effort to ban Israeli products at the Davis co-op failed last year.  

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