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California Health Jobs Projected to Grow

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(Sacramento, CA)
Sunday, September 4, 2011

California employment data suggest some of the fastest growing and most numerous jobs in the coming years will be in health sciences and care jobs.

Personal and home care aides will grow to about half a million employees by 2018.

Nursing and other technical health occupations are high on the list, too.

Pie Chart



Click to view an interactive chart detailing the projected top 10 fastest growing job sectors in California




Ken Jacobs is with the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education.  

JACOBS:  During the entire economic recession, the one area that we've seen continued growth in is health care.

He says there are a number of driving forces.

JACOBS:  ...The aging population, the overall trend of growth in the health care industry, and with the passage of the affordable care act, the federal health care law, there will also be growth in health care services.

The quality and pay of the growing health jobs vary.
There may be a lot of home care aids, but they make just over 10 dollars an hour.

Physician assistants make an hourly wage of about $45, but those jobs are few and far between.  

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