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Brown Seizes Chance to Tease Republicans for "Presponse"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Two weeks after Jerry Brown saw his budget plan inadvertently released several days earlier than planned, it was legislative Republicans' turn. The early release of the GOP's official response led to some laughs at Wednesday's State of the State address.
Conway: "Today, Governor Brown shared his vision for California for the year ahead..."
This video from Assembly Minority Leader Connie Conway and Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff first appeared online Tuesday night - prompting Governor Brown to rib them a bit at the start of his speech:
Brown: "I didn't know that you were psychics and you possessed the powers of precognition and clairvoyance.  After the speech I want to check with you on some stock tips!" 

Afterwards, Conway and Huff laughed it off - while taking a couple jabs of their own:

Huff: "I mean, he says, you haven't heard my speech, I haven't written it.  Yeah, but he gives the speech all the time, you know, we're a great state, we've got these problems, here's my solutions to the problems.  And so that's what we were responding to."

Conway: "If I'm clairvoyant, it's probably because he's predictable!"

No knockouts, but each side now knows what it's like to be on both ends of an embarrassing technical snafu.
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