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City Asks For Limited Public Feedback On Arena Site Plans

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, April 13, 2012

The Maloof family didn't spend any money for site drawings for the Railyards project, but the NBA did.  And because they did, the City of Sacramento unveiled three possible configurations for the arena/mass transit project called, "the Intermodal" before 100 people at City Hall last night.  

The plan called the "West Concept" has the arena nestled up next to the I street onramp to I-5.  The "East Concept" has the arena next to the 5th Street extension.  And the last one is a compromise of the other two -with a two-tiered plaza and more drop-off locations for passengers.

David Carter is with the transportation consultant, Fehr and Peers.

CARTER:  "This hybrid one concentrates all the transit uses on the east side of the site.  So you have buses pulling in, you have light rail pulling in.  It's also closer to the end where high-speed rail could potentially be located."

Dan Hood of Sacramento liked the compromise plan, though he liked his own better.

HOOD: "I really thought the arena should go on the north side of the shops, but that land isn't free over there."

The plans were paid for with part of the $200,000 dollars in pre-development money the NBA put toward the project.

Assistant City Manager, John Dangberg says the city will use the plans regardless of what is built next to the Intermodal.

DANGBERG:  "We want it to be an entertainment and sports complex.  But, if it was not, that land area would be available for other joint development uses.  So, either way, it's a great exercise we're going through right now to really begin to drill down on the transit and intermodal functions."

Ken Payne with the Sacramento Taxpayers Association wished he had more time to study the plans.  He thought there should be a pamphlet or something online.

PAYNE:  "It's nice that they have sort of a workshop, but it seems like we should have something to take with us."

Many of the visitors filled out cards suggesting changes to the plans.

The final plan is due to be presented to the City council in May, assuming the Maloofs, the NBA, and the city can agree to terms and fully fund the pre-development account by April 17.  If that doesn't happen, the whole process stops.
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