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Theatre Review: Rx

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Working in a sterile office cubical, within the bowels of some gigantic corporation, can be a mind-numbing drag. And what if that corporation is a pharmaceutical firm developing a drug intended to lift the spirits of depressed employees? A bit ironic, don't you think? That's the premise behind this comedy, which begins with a medical researcher quizzing a woman who is clearly burned out.

Doc: "Do you cry during the workday?"
Meena: "Yes."
Doc: "How often. Never, rarely, sometimes, or frequently."
Meena: "Twice. Twice a day is..."
Doc: "Frequently."
Actually, she doesn't cry at the office -- she goes to a discount clothing store, and bawls her eyes out hiding behind a rack of ladies underwear, which leads into an appealing subplot.
But the new workplace depression drug -- which is called SP-Nine-Two-Five . . . get it? -- does seem to help.
Meena: I think it's working on me.
Doctor: It might be.
Meena: Well isn't that exciting. I mean, Bill, your drug works!"
Doctor: I knew it worked already!
Meena: You did?
Doctor: The loss mitigation specialist from Citibank called and told me she had fun at her foreclosure meeting."
You can sense these two are now conversing on a much more personal basis. Since this is a romantic comedy, their budding relationship plays mostly for laughs.
And the ridiculous government regulations and corporate policies they confront at work provide plenty of humorous moments.
There's also a marvelous cameo by actor Kurt Johnson as a disheveled, careless scientist who almost kills a colleague by casually passing on the wrong pills.
It all makes for a show that is nimble and clever, if not profound. And if you're seeking a lighthearted comedy about prescription drugs and stressed-out modern professionals, "RX" may be just what the doctor ordered.
The B Street Theatre's production of "Rx" continues through June 10th.
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