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Latest California Primary Coverage and Results

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 5, 2012
(These posts are from Election Night.  For the latest posts, click here.) 

10:00 P.M. California Voters Approve Term Limit Reform (Prop 28)

(AP) California voters have approved a tweak to term limits that supporters say will promote consistency and reduce the influence of lobbyists.

Proposition 28 will limit lawmakers to 12 years, but allow them to spend that time in one house or a combination in both houses of the state Legislature.

The measure had about two-thirds support with more than 2 million votes cast Tuesday night.

Currently, lawmakers can serve up to three two-year terms in the Assembly and two four-year terms in the Senate, for a total of 14 years.

Good government organizations argued that California's strict term limits assure that the statehouse is filled with inexperienced politicians who are overly reliant on lobbyists and bureaucrats to help them write legislation.

Critics warned the change would lead to entrenchment in the state Capitol.

9:30 P.M. Johnson Declares Victory

prime2012 KJ01Kevin Johnson has declared victory in his bid for a second turn as Sacramento Mayor. 
"We know that all parts of City Hall  are not working as they should," Johnson said during his victory speech at the K Bar in downtown Sacramento. 
He said the City Council "does not have to be dysfunctional" and that "it can work well together." 
The Mayor said the City Council can be trusted to be something "that makes you very proud."  He said that's "part one of my commitment of the next four years."

9:18 P.M. Stockton


ANN JOHNSTON           7613 (42.37%)
ANTHONY SILVA          3494 (19.44%)
JIMMIE M. RISHWAIN  2797 (15.57%)
RALPH LEE WHITE       1942 (10.81%)
TONY STEVENS            858 (4.77%)
JAMES "JIM" BUTLER    670 (3.73%)
GREGORY S. PITSCH    519 (2.89%)
Write-in Votes              76 (0.42%)

Council District 6

MICHAEL TUBBS            890   (52.54%)

DALE FRITCHEN             798   (47.11%)

Write-in Votes                  6    (0.35%)

9:04 P.M. Sacramento

City Council
Dist. 6 --  McCarty 2,482 (74%) to Netto 855 (25.5%)
Dist. 8 - Pannell 1,112 (54.48%) to Williams 915 (44.83%)

Johnson 13,517 (58.31%) Rewers  5,238  (22.59%) Padilla 3,263  (14.07%) Jones 1,011  (4.36%)


8:50 P.M.

Early voting: US 10th Cong: Jeff Denham 48.2% Jose Hernandez 35.38%

8:39 P.M.

Davis tax, Sac Council Dist 4, Placer Co. Fire Protection, Props 28, 29  notes
Placer County ballot measures proposing tax increases  for fire protection:  59.58% of North Auburn-Ophir say no. Placer Hills says yes 53.8%   Two-thirds needed to pass.
Davis residents supporting renewal of tax to pay for parks 81% for in early going, from Yolo County Elections website
Sac City Council District 4 MT  Joe Yee leads hotly-contested Land Park/downtown race with 27.7%. Hansen at 27.4%, Newton at 24%
Prop29 Latest totals, w/ 6% precincts reporting: 53.5% yes, 46.5% no.  Prop28 leads by 2-1 margin
Check this great real-time interactive map from the L.A. Times tracking election results 


7:33 P.M. - Low Turnout Despite Sweeping Primary Proposals

(AP) California's statewide primary election today was marked by light turnout at polling sites and few problems flagged by election officials even as the state tested out some sweeping changes.
The primary was providing the first statewide run on a top-two voting system and newly redrawn legislative and congressional districts. Voters also were weighing in on a cigarette tax and changes to term limits.

San Diego and San Jose - the nation's eighth- and 10th-largest cities - are being closely watched as voters decide on heated measures to curb retirement benefits for current government workers. San Diego also has a heated mayoral fight. (read the full story from Recordnet.com here)

6:20 P.M. - Top Two Primary Gets Mixed Reaction

Voters are showing mixed reactions to today's new "top two" primary.  Stockton resident Lisa Silveria likes it because "I think I get the candidate I want sooner."

Sacramento voter Robert Breit told Capital Public Radio's Amy Quenton it took him awhile to sort through the list.

"You'd want to vote for who you think would do the better job, but the ballot just seemed extremely long," said Breit.  "I'm sure they spent a lot of money on that long ballot with all that extra information that I didn't need to wade through."

But Sacramento voter Joe Acres says that's exactly why he doesn't like the open primary.

"I think it's ridiculous because you're going to end up with two Democrats or two Independents running on the November ballot," said Acres on Tuesday. "You're going to eliminate a party or two or three." read the story

**Check back here throughout the night for election results**
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