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Voters Have Mixed Reactions To New "Top Two" Open Primary

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 5, 2012

(I get to choose, I will take a Democratic please, mark the box)

Sacramento resident Bart Brown now has a voice in this primary race.

In previous primaries this "no party preference" voter had no voice.

BROWN: "Interesting it's nice to see the open primary…just a bigger choice."

Both Democrat and Republican voters are also free to select statewide candidates regardless of political party…which pleased Stockton voter Lisa Silveria.

SILVERIA: "I get it and I actually think it's the way to go I like the idea of being able to vote for whoever I want in the primaries"

But asked if she gets to choose a better candidate..

SILVERIA:"I think I get the candidate I want sooner, that's how I see it."

And the open primary meant a lot of choices… 24 candidates for the US Senate seat.

Sacramento voter Robert Breit says it took awhile to sort through the list.

BREIT: "You'd want to vote for who you think would do the better job, but the ballot just seemed extremely long. I'm sure they spent a lot of money on that long ballot with all that extra information that I didn't need to wade through"

Supporters of the new system hope it will deliver more competitive contests and perhaps more moderate candidates.

But Sacramento voter Joe Acres says that's exactly why he doesn't like the open primary.

ACRES:"I think it's ridiculous because you're going to end up with two Democrats or two Independents running on the November ballot, you're going to eliminate a party or two or three."

Only the top two candidates -regardless of party - move on to the November election.
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