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Theatre Review: The Majestic Kid

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(Jackson, CA)
Friday, August 24, 2012

"The Majestic Kid" is a tongue-in-cheek comedy in which a singing Hollywood cowboy called the Laredo Kid rides in with a six gun and a guitar. He rescues pretty women, rides off on his horse, steps off the silver screen, and volunteers advice to Aaron Weiss.

Aaron is an idealistic do-gooder, a lawyer from Back East, who suddenly finds himself face to face with a very attractive young woman who happens to own a big ranch. She thinks Aaron's cute. And she's putting the moves on him.

Romance, or at least a quick roll in the hay, beckons. But the Laredo Kid advises the kid lawyer to figure out where the bad guys are hiding, so he can save the girl.

Laredo Kid: "There's got to be a bad feller, or there wouldn't be no Laredo Kid. Conquerer of Injustice! Keeper of the American Spirit!"

So as the sexy ranch owner spreads out a seductive picnic, and flashes the kid a come-hither look, the singing cowboy picks up his guitar.

Laredo Kid: "First, how about a song?

Aaron: "A love song?"

Laredo Kid: "Love song? You bet. 'Lightin', you're a mighty fine horse (laughter from audience), you run all day, and you never complain…."

The conflict between chivalrous masculine ideals and the reality of a morally ambiguous world extends far beyond Aaron's budding romance. Aaron as a youth fancied himself wearing a white hat calling himself "The Majestic Kid," has come West with noble intentions, offering free legal help to a downtrodden tribe. But the tribe wants to build a Vegas-style casino resort on its land. While the richest rancher in the valley is keen to sell his holdings to a multinational corporation that plans a huge toxic waste dump.

There are no easy answers in this barb-laden comedy, but there are a quite a few guilty laughs, as the uncertain Aaron struggles to decide what sort of man he wants to be.

Actor Matt Moore, a 2001 B Street Theatre intern now living in New York, puts an ironic spin on the young lawyer's moral dilemma, while veteran actor Allen Pontes has lots of fun going over the top as the singing cowboy.

The Main Street Theatre Works outdoor production of "The Majestic Kid" continues through September 8th in the Kennedy Mine Amphitheatre in Jackson.

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