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Bill Would Give Drivers Licenses to Some Calif. Undocumented Immigrants

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A June executive order from President Obama will let undocumented immigrants stay in the U-S for at least two years under certain conditions.  For example, they must prove they were younger than age 16 when they came to the U.S.; lived here at least five years; and enrolled in school or the military.

The bill in the California legislature would make those immigrants - a group some call DREAMers - eligible for drivers licenses.  State Senator Anthony Cannella was one of three Republicans to support the measure:

Cannella: "They will be driving on our roads whether we issue them drivers licenses or not.  If they made the effort to participate in the federal program, we should conform to the rules we place on other legal residents and allow them to drive legally."

The bill now moves to the Assembly for a final vote later this week.


Lawmakers Pass Open Carry Ban on Rifles, Shotguns

California lawmakers have sent a ban on openly carrying unloaded shotguns or rifles in public to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown.  The measure follows a similar ban approved last year on openly carrying unloaded handguns in public.

Republicans strongly opposed the bill.  Assemblyman Tim Donnelly argued many Californians are simply expressing their fundamental right.

Donnelly: "They're not criminals! Do not criminalize more Americans because they believe in the 2nd amendment!"

Some rural Democrats didn't support the measure either.  But most other Democrats did, including Los Angeles Assemblyman Mike Feuer - who said openly carrying a gun is a threat to public safety.

Feuer: "Loaded? Unloaded? Nobody knows when the rifle is at the side of someone carrying it in public. Police chiefs support the bill. We should too." (0:09)

The measure narrowly passed the Assembly after an hour-long debate.

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