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Prop 30 Supporters Outraising Opponents - But Munger Looms

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 10, 2012

The governor and his allies have about $13 million in the bank right now - with most contributions coming from labor unions and businesses.  Taxpayer and small business groups have raised about $1.7 million to oppose Prop 30.

Stutzman: "The governor's raising a significant amount of money. The problem is that it requires probably well over $10 million to execute an effective campaign."

Republican political consultant Rob Stutzman.

Stutzman: "Now, he may get there, but as we've seen in the past with tax measures, it doesn't take a proportional amount of a dollar spent on a No campaign in order to knock down tax increases."

And even if the opposition groups can't get their message out much, Brown could still face competition on the airwaves.  Wealthy education advocate Molly Munger has poured more than $20 million of her own money into her tax measure, Proposition 38.  She could urge voters to oppose Prop 30 and support her measure instead.

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