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Mostly Positive Response in California to President's Gun Control Proposals

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In Colusa Daryl Schaad is preparing for a gun show he's promoting this weekend.  He says he supports making federal law match the California law that already requires background checks at private shows, "All of our guns have to be sold through a transfer dealer which he holds for the mandatory waiting period and during that period of time a background check is performed on the buyer."

In Los Angeles Maya Barrera with the group Women Against Gun Violence supports a ban on assault weapons and supports more funding for gun violence research, "With the data and research that will be collected, we're hopeful that that will inform some legislation and we can finally start to tackle this epidemic."

Randy Johnson owns the Lincoln Gun Exchange near Roseville.  He says funding for mental health programs will do the most to prevent shootings like Newtown. 

He agrees with the ten-round magazine maximum proposed by the President and a ban on armor-piercing bullets.  But, he says many politicians are incorrectly calling as many as 80-percent of guns sold in the state "assault weapons," "It's very unfortunate because people don't know the terminology or the actual weapon themselves.  They have a knee-jerk reaction.  They want to take everything away from everybody.  Again, we haven't dealt with the problem.  The problem is not the firearm."

He says gun owners are buying now in anticipation of a widespread ban.  He says at a recent trade show he attended, buyers ordered $70 million worth of firearms.  Last year at the same show, he says orders totalled $7 million. 

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