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State Of The Union Reaction: Dems Approve, GOP Wary of Costs

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(Washington, D.C.)
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The president is calling for a lot of investments that could affect Sacramento, including transportation, first responders and the region's high tech industry. Fairfield Democrat John Garamendi says he's glad the president is rekindling his jobs act that sat largely untouched in the Republican controlled House last session. 

"That's a very, very good start," Garamendi said. "The American Jobs Act was a complete array of things that we can do. The infrastructure was there, the education was there, the advanced manufacturing. All of those pieces of the puzzle are there. Now we need to do it."

But Republicans are dubious about what they heard. Bakersfield Congressman Kevin McCarthy is part of the House Republican leadership team. In a statement, he accused the president of being partisan in tone while also not taking the nation's $16 trilliion debt problem seriously. 

Many other Republicans are also asking how the president plans to pay for his jobs package. But Northern California Democrat Ami Bera says the price tag alone shouldn't deter lawmakers from investing in the nation's future.

"Sometimes you have to make investments on the front end to get the return. We've always done that. You know, whether it was the space program, whether it was the interstate highway program. We've got to make those investments and we have to do it rebuilding the middle class," Bera said.

Before the president can move on to his jobs agenda he'll have to work with House Republicans on a fiscal deal, or else billions of dollars will be indiscriminately slashed from the budget in March.



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