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Next NBA Commish Says Kings Fans More Impressive Than Seattle's Corporations

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver said Sacramento's history with the league is important.  "It's a public trust of sorts and that's how communities see their teams and we're experiencing that in Sacramento right now.   Some people are surprised at the preliminary decision the relocation committee has made because they say, 'But, look at Seattle.  There's more corporate headquarters, there's more TV households, there's the potential to generate more revenue there.  Shouldn't you move the franchise to the market where there's more revenue?'  And our response is, 'Not necessarily.'  If you look at total value over time and brand-building and community support that continuity is important and that, I mean, look at Seattle now and in part why citizens are so upset and we understand that is that they lost their team -to Oklahoma City."

The current and future commissioners of the National Basketball Association commented last night on Charlie Rose.

Outgoing Commissioner David Stern did give Seattle fans hope that the group bidding for a team might one day own one.  He called Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, "a perfect prototype for an NBA owner."

Ballmer's partner in their effort is Chris Hansen.  He says they still have "numerous options" at their disposal and they will continue in their efforts to land the Kings.

The full NBA Board of Governors is expected to vote on Hansen and Ballmer's relocation request on May 15. 

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