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August 24, 2012

Beginning this year, the federal Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act requires schools across the country to serve meals with more fresh fruits, more vegetables and whole grains, while reducing sodium and fat. It's estimated that 60 percent of California schools fall short of meeting the new regulations.

The latest multimedia documentary from Capital Public Radio explores schools around our region that are creating new menus, juggling budgets and cooking up innovative ways to convince kids to eat their vegetables. It's a tall order, with cultural, bureaucratic and  historical hurdles.

Hosted by Beth Ruyak. Reported by Steve Milne, Marianne Russ and Elaine Corn.


School Lunch on Insight, August 27, 2012: Wasting Lunch

Farm to School

Yolo County's Harvest of the Month program connects local schools with the fresh produce grown all around them.

Free Lunch

A free summer fun cafe fills the need to feed hungry kids in the San Juan Unifed School District.

Lunch Able

With the support of a school lunch booster club, Davis Joint Unified School District has become a regional leader in school nutrition.

Building a Better Cookie

1st and 3rd graders at award-winning Elk Grove Unified School District give thumbs up to menus that meet California's SB-12 nutrition requirements.

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