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Green Jobs/ Airports and Birds/ James Rollins/ Ski Slopes


Green Jobs We hear a lot about "green jobs," but just what are they? How well do they pay? Are there many green jobs? And are they really the future? Today on Insight, we'll talk with a local professor about them.

Airports and Birds Every year, millions of birds migrate up and down the western side of the Americas. That route is called the Pacific Flyway and it passes through our region. A new exhibit at Sacramento International Airport celebrates the Pacific Flyway. And yet, those same birds can also be a nuisance and even a threat to human life when they get too close to the airport's runways and flight paths. In a few minutes, we'll talk with an airport official about how they manage the bird population and you'll hear about the exhibit.

James Rollins Veterinarian-turned-scientific-thriller writer James Rollins has a new book out called "Altar of Eden." And for the first time, he's turned to his original profession for inspiration. The book's main character is a veterinarian and it's about the sinister genetic manipulation of animals. We'll talk with Rollins about it.

Ski Slopes Ski slopes can be profitably built without the use of bulldozers, a new study finds. Slopes leveled by machines can usually open a little earlier than slopes that have been cleared more lightly. But they also usually require less maintenance in the summer, and the enviromental damage is a lot less. We'll talk with the author fo the study about her findings.
Monday, January 4, 2010
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