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Insight: Prop. 20 and 27 / California Crackup / Nick Trujillo

Prop 20 & 27 Many propositions are on the upcoming November ballot in California and as we continue our election covereage, we take a look at Propositions 20 and 27. Prop. 20 would remove elected representatives from the process of establishing congressional districts and transfers that authority to a recently-authorized 14-member redistricting commission comprised of Democrats, Republicans, and respresentatives of neither party. Prop. 27 would eliminate the 14-member redistricting commission and consolidate authority for establishing state Assembly, Senate, and Board of Equalization districts with elected representatives. We'll talk with both sides about these competing propositions.

California Crackup A new book co-authored by a Sacramento man explores the history of reform in Californa and makes a case that too much reform caused our finacial crisis and budget stalemate. You'll meet the authors of "California Crackup." This segment originally aired Sept. 2010.

Nick Trujillo Sacramento State Communication Studies professor Nick Trujillo is trying to start a music career. He went to Nashville and worked with professional session musicians to make recordings of some country songs he's written and he plans to market the songs to other musicians, and to movies and television shows.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
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