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Insight: Local Libyans / CTA President / Sacramento's Prescription Drug Plan / Cognitive Computer Chips / "Against All Odds"

Local Libyans Rebel fighters are in the process of capturing the Libyan capitol city of Tripoli today as government forces evacuate.  We'll speak with an opponent of General Gadhafi's regime who left Libya decades ago.  Jamal Buzayan now lives in Davis, CA and runs a non-profit organization, Children of Libya Aid Foundation, that coordinates medical care for Libyan children injured in the country's fighting.

CTA President School funding, classroom size, layoffs, teacher-led education reform, and collective bargaining are some of the issues California teachers are facing.  We'll speak with the president of the California Teachers Association, Dean Vogel, about what the teachers union is doing to improve the state education system and conditions for teachers.    

Sacramento's Drug Prescription Plan Sacramento County has just launched a program intended to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for county residents.  There are no restrictions or criteria to enroll and it's not publicly funded. We'll speak with a county pharmacist and the CEO of Envision -the private firm that is spearheading the plan- to learn who is benefitting.

Cognitive Computer Chips A team of researchers, including two professors from UC Merced, are working on a new generation of computer chips that can "learn through experiences, find correlations, create hypotheses and remember and learn from the outcomes, mimicking the brain's structural and synaptic plasticity."  We'll speak with Chris Kello, who is leading one part of the project. 

Against All Odds Local photographer Andri Tambunan is in the middle of a project to document the overwhelmingly HIV positive population of Indonesia's biggest province, Papua.  It's home to approximately one percent of Indonesia's population but 40 percent of the country's HIV/AIDS cases. Papua is classified as a restricted area by the Indonesian government and it's almost impossible for foreign journalists to gain access and conduct independent research. Tambunan's Indonesian background, fluency of the main language, and established ties with local NGOs and key figures have earned him access however.  He'll speak with us about his project "Against All Odds" before returning to Papua on the 28th.

About our guest host: Sacramento-native David Watts Barton has been involved in Sacramento's music and cultural scene for more than 30 years as a writer, performer and fan. He now serves as Editor-in-Chief of The Sacramento Press and regularly fills in on Insight
Monday, August 22, 2011
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