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Insight: Opting Out of Vaccinations / Climate Change and Unusual Earthquakes / Peace Corps' 50th Anniversary

Opting Out of Vaccinations Capital Public Radio's Healthcare Reporter Pauline Bartolone's story about an elementary school in Nevada City that has the state's highest rate of parents choosing to opt out of now-required immunizations for their school-age children airs today on Morning Edition and All Things Considered. We'll speak with a parent who has chosen not to vaccinate her children and a parent that has vaccinated her children.  We'll also speak with Pauline Bartolone about her reporting on this story.  Dr. Dean Blumberg, chief of the division of pediatric infectious diseases in the department of pediatrics at the UC Davis Medical Center, also joins us to discuss the facts about vaccinations.
Climate Change and Earthquakes The Internet is buzzing with speculation that global warming is leading to earthquakes in unusual places such as Colorado and along the East Coast, which both suffered earthquakes last week.  We'll break new ground on the discussion with Dr. David P. Schwartz, earthquake geologist/paleoseismologist from the Menlo Park Earthquake Science Center of the United States Geological Survey, and UC Davis physics professor, Dr. John Rundle, who have been looking at the link between climate change and unusual seismic acitivity. 

Peace Corps 50th Anniversary The Peace Corps celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Rose Garden ceremony with President John F. Kennedy yesterday.  We'll talk with one of the very first Peace Corps volunteers, Michael Shea, who is a former Sacramento State Professor and still lives in Sacramento. Shea was at the Rose Garden ceremony with President John F. Kennedy 50 years ago before departing for his Peace Corps service in Africa.

Articles by and about Dr. Dean Blumberg, pertaining to vaccinations:

"A Shot in the Arm for Childhood Disease Prevention"

Find the FDA's Synopsis of Mercury-Containing Preservatives in Vaccines Here.
Monday, August 29, 2011
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