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Insight: Fast Food and Higher Income / Beers Books' 75th Anniversary / Ngaio Bealum / Pamela Rose

Fast Food and Higher Income A new national study of eating out and income shows that fast-food dining becomes more common as earnings increase from low to middle incomes, weakening the popular notion that fast food should be blamed for higher rates of obesity among the poor.  We'll talk with Paul Leigh, UC Davis professor of public health sciences with the Center for Healthcare Policy and Research. Dr. Leigh has conducted research on the relationship between medical specialty and career satisfaction, hypertension and occupation, gasoline prices and roadway fatalities, and obesity and wages. His most recent study focuses on the relationship between income and fast food.
Beers Books' 75th Anniversary Downtown Sacramento independent bookstore, Beers Books, is celebrating its 75th year in business while many other book stores are permanently closing their doors.  We'll talk with owner Jim Naify about what he's doing right and what he expects to happen in the next 75 years.
Ngaio Bealum The 12th (13th??) Occassional Cannabis Comedy Festival is this weekend; we talk cannabis issues with comedian, publisher and activist Ngaio Bealum.
Pamela Rose A companion book to jazz-blues singer Pamela Rose's album "Wild Women of Song" has just been published under the same name.
Wednesday, November 16, 2011
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