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European Leaders Grant Britain More Time To Leave The EU

Rachel Martin talks to Norbert Rottgen, chairman of Germany's Foreign Affairs Committee, about the Brexit delay, and what kind of leverage Europe has in negotiations.

Investigators Probe Software's Role In Deadly Boeing 737 Max Crashes

The probe of two Boeing plane crashes is focused, for the moment, on software. We examine how software has become a common fix for problems with hardware across industries, and how it can go too far.

Trump Reverses Decades Of U.S. Policy Regarding Golan Heights

Rachel Martin talks to Richard Haass, of the Council on Foreign Relations and an ex-State Department official, about President Trump endorsing permanent Israeli control of the disputed Golan Heights.

Viral Internet Search Challenge Involves 'Florida Man'

The words Florida man often appear in headlines for strange crimes committed in the state. A game encourages users to google Florida man followed by their birthday to see a crime committed that day.

Petco Welcomes All Leashed Pets, Including Texas Man's Steer

Vincent Browning took his Ankole-Watusi steer — an animal with enormous horns that commonly weighs more than 1,000 pounds — to Petco. Considered gentle, the leashed steer was welcomed.

News Brief: Golan Heights, House Panel Probe, Brexit

U.S. backs Israel's claim to sovereignty over the Golan Heights. House panel investigates whether Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump violated federal record-keeping policies. EU agrees to delay Brexit.

Her Dad Was A Slain Civil Rights Leader. She Remembers His Assassination

Edwin Pratt, the then-head of the Seattle Urban League, was assassinated in 1969 at his home. At StoryCorps, his daughter and her godmother remember him and the night he was shot.

NCAA Upset: Murray State Knocks Off Marquette In First Round

Murray State beat Marquette 83-64 Thursday in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Ja Morant's triple-double is the talk of the tournament. He had 17 points, 16 assists and 11 rebounds.

Nebraska Towns Struggle To Pay Their Share Of Flooding Relief

Local governments pick up a share of the cost of disaster relief, but most is paid for by the federal government. In Nebraska, some towns will scramble to pay their part after recent floods.

Elevated Levels Of Benzene Detected After Texas Chemical Fire

Residents worry about environmental damage after a chemical tank fire near Houston. The EPA is monitoring elevated levels of benzene. There are lingering questions about what happens next.


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