Supreme Court Rules on Affordable Care Act


On Thursday, June 28th, 2012 the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Compiled here are stories leading up to the momentous decision as well as analysis and reaction following the ruling.

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Politics In Real Life: Rising Health Care Costs Weigh On Voters
When Renee Powell's premiums exceeded her mortgage payments, it was upsetting. But it's just one way health care costs rise for many voters.
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Feds Act To Help More Ex-Inmates Get Medicaid
To reduce recidivism and promote health, the Department of Health and Human Services is taking steps to make it easier for ex-prisoners to sign up for or restart Medicaid coverage.

Students Rally To Save Program That Produces Primary Care Doctors
An unusual medical education program at the University of California, Berkeley is known for producing primary care doctors, unlike other schools. But it could be axed due to budget shortfalls.

Thousands Leave Maryland Prisons With Health Problems And No Coverage
Maryland's prisons and jails release thousands of inmates each year without helping them enroll in Medicaid, jeopardizing their health and putting communities at greater risk.

Suicide Rates Climb In U.S., Especially Among Adolescent Girls
After a decline throughout the '90s, suicide rates have reversed course. Suicide has increased in almost every age group over the past 15 years.
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For Voters In Appalachian Region, Medical Care Is A Big Issue
Tennessee's alternative to Obamacare is faltering. Steve Inskeep talks to Knoxville's mayor about health and political issues. Chris Green of Berea College weighs in on the area's political leanings.
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Webcast: Health Care Inequalities In America
NPR polls found significant differences in the quality of health care experienced by Americans, depending on income. A webcast at 12:30 p.m. ET Wednesday will examine the disparities.

UnitedHealth To Leave Most Obamacare Exchanges In 2017
Blaming a lack of profitability, UnitedHealth says it will drop out of most health marketplaces insurance exchanges next year. The insurer's first quarter profits in 2016 were $1.6 billion.

For The Insured But Cash-Strapped, Free Health Clinics Still Have A Place
Although many people thought the federal health law would reduce the need for free clinics, low-income people with high deductibles and copays still frequent the clinics for routine care.

Analysis: Modest Effect If UnitedHealth Withdraws From Exchanges
If UnitedHealth stops selling insurance on marketplaces across the country (and isn't replaced by rivals), premiums for exchange plans could rise modestly — about 1 percent on average.

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