Supreme Court Rules on Affordable Care Act


On Thursday, June 28th, 2012 the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Compiled here are stories leading up to the momentous decision as well as analysis and reaction following the ruling.

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Gay-Rights Movement Tackles Cultural Battle In The Deep South
Same-sex-marriage activists are working to win hearts and minds in the Deep South, where they've met the strongest resistance. One strategy is to host informal conversations.
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Pittsburgh Health Care Giants Take Fight To Each Other's Turf
Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center worked together for decades. But tensions have prompted a split and uncertainty in Pittsburgh's health care market.
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How To Make Sense Of Health Insurance Alphabet Soup
Health plans come in a dizzying variety. There's been a blurring of definitions lately that makes the jargony choices more confusing than ever. Here's help.

Has Health Law Helped Young People Get Mental Health Treatment? Maybe
The Affordable Care Act has allowed many young adults to stay on their parents' insurance. A study suggests the coverage may be helping more of them get treatment for mental health issues.

For Your Eyes Only: Is Telling A Story's Limits Convincing Or Annoying?
Complaints over a Houston Obamacare piece illustrate a link between editorial guidance and trust.

Many Big Employers Plan To Offer Skimpy Health Options Despite Law
These low-benefit plans are part of a strategy that lets workers and employers avoid health law penalties but may not provide substantial coverage.

'This Is A Congress That's Really Doing Nothing,' Says NYT Reporter
Congressional reporter Jonathan Weisman gives his take on the 113th Congress, including how House Speaker John Boehner has little sway, and business in the Senate has virtually ground to a halt.
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Can Divorced Dad Be Forced To Cover Insurance For Adult Kids?
A mother seeks advice on how to get her ex-husband to keep their sons on his plan because it would be less costly than hers.

Numbers Of Americans With Health Plans Way Up, But States Vary
The biggest jump since 2013 has been in states that expanded Medicaid and created insurance exchanges. Arkansas has fared best — reducing its percentage of uninsured from 22 to 12.
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Hobby Lobby Ruling May Have Poked A Hole in The 'Corporate Veil'
Legal scholars are still sorting out the possible implications of the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision. While the case dealt directly with birth control coverage and the Affordable Care Act, it could even be cited in future bankruptcy cases.
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