Supreme Court Rules on Affordable Care Act


On Thursday, June 28th, 2012 the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Compiled here are stories leading up to the momentous decision as well as analysis and reaction following the ruling.

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NPR Reports

More Previously Uninsured Californians Got Coverage Under Obamacare
More than two-thirds of Californians who didn't have health insurance before the Affordable Care Act took full effect in 2014 have it now. A Kaiser Family Foundation survey documents the changes.

Health Insurers Face Little Enforcement Of Federal Mental Health Parity Law
Insurers are supposed to cover mental health treatment as they cover other illnesses but they don't always comply. They are improving, but the U.S. does not appear to actively enforce the federal law.
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California Health Insurance Exchange Keeps Rate Hikes Low — Again
Monthly premiums for health insurance plans in the Covered California marketplace will increase by an average of 4 percent for 2016. The price for some plans will drop.

Experiment In Coordinated Care For Medicare Failed To Show Savings
The test aimed to help high-risk Medicare patients navigate the health care maze. But after three years, expected improvements in quality and savings failed to materialize.

Gov. John Kasich On Health Policy, Religion And Inclusiveness
The Ohio governor entered the crowded race for the GOP presidential nomination this week. Kasich tells NPR's Scott Simon why he feels he stands out among the candidates.
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Health Insurer Anthem To Buy Rival Cigna For Nearly $50 Billion
Health insurer Anthem has agreed to buy fellow insurer Cigna for close to $50 billion. NPR looks at what the deal might mean for consumers.
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Anthem To Buy Health Insurance Rival Cigna
The $48 billion deal would create the nation's largest health insurer by enrollment.
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Anthem To Buy Cigna, Creating Largest Health Insurer By Enrollment
The combined company would have an estimated revenue of $115 billion and cover 53 million people in the U.S.

Administration Prods States To Scrutinize Insurers' Rate Hikes
In a letter to state regulators, the Obama administration says rates shouldn't be allowed to go up as much as some insurers are proposing for plans sold to individuals on the health exchanges.

IRS: 7.5 Million Americans Paid Penalty For Lack Of Health Coverage
Americans paid an average penalty of $200 for not having health insurance in 2014, the first year most Americans were required to have coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

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